Super Advance Course in Acupressure (S.Adv.Acu.)


PROSPECTUS   ACUPRESSURE: Acupressure is nature’s health science built in our body. you have to apply pressure on certain points located on palms, soles, ear, spine. you have to apply Instru

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ACUPRESSURE: Acupressure is nature’s health science built in our body. you have to apply pressure on certain points located on palms, soles, ear, spine. you have to apply Instrument on certain Meridian points located on the body. The pressure given on points stimulates all the organs of the body to prevent disease and to maintain good health. The main advantage of acupressure healing touch is that it is safe on others, even if it is never done before provided the instructions are followed and cautions are kept in mind. There are no side effects from drugs and the basic equipment needed for it are individuals’ own two hands.
NAME OF COURSE : Super Advance Course in Acupressure Therapy (S.Adv.Acu.)
QUALIFICATIONS / ELIGIBILITY: Senior Secondary or equal & Master Diploma in Acupressure Therapy or other Alternative Therapies.
AGE  : Minimum 21 years.
 Course Mode


Mode Type

 I. Postal (Hard copy)

II. Online – (Software)

You can do it at home. Institute will send you Books, charts, instruments & after completion of the course, one test will be conducted. Question paper along with the answer sheet will be sent to you & you have to deposit answer sheets for getting your certificate. you can clear your doubts through E-mail.

You can do this course on the Internet/Online also. We can provide you the study material/lessons on your Screen, Software ID. you can clear your doubts through E-mail.

DURATION   : Six Months (The whole process will be done within six months)
 SUBSCRIPTION FEES :  .Rs. 7500 (For India) & $ 180 (For foreign). Local training Internship charges will be extra.
             Course Mode


     Mode Type 

I. Class – Camp

II. Class at Centre

III. Class Online (Software & Lecturer)


Camp – Classes of special workshop, theory & practical with study material kit. (6 Days, Daily 3 Hours =  Total 18 Hr.)

Center – Classes at Institutes or authorized centers. (18 hr.)

Online – Classes by Acupressure guru Software & Zoom App. (10 Days, Daily 2 Hours = Total 20 Hr.)


Four months (The whole process will be done within four months)


Rs. 13000 (For India)or $ 350 (For foreign) Regular.
NOTE: 1. This course can be done both in English & Hindi Medium. 2. The course can be done regular or correspondence. 3. Your one photograph, education certificate & experience certificate to be attached with the application form. 4. You will be given a certificate after completing this course. 5. You can deposit cash or cheque in ACUPRESSURE ACUPUNCTURE AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE SANSTHAN, to AXIS Bank a/c. no. 920010057502810 & State Bank Of India a/c No. 39656178070.  6. Boarding & Lodging facilities will be provided at your expense. 7. If you are interested in Practical classes (for Correspondence-without study kit & without certificate) the facility is provided at our center/camp / authorized center for 7 days on extra subscription of Rs. 6500 (For India) & $ 170 (For foreign). 8. Charges for instruments, literature, chart & books will be included for candidates.
Main features of this course :
 a.  You can become a therapist or start your own center.

b.  You can get a job/service in naturopathy or alternative treatment center.

c.  If can help you in the Acupressure or Alternative Therapy business/profession.

d.  You can help your family as well as others by treating them free of cost.

e.  The world health organization of Geneva has approved this system.

f.  You can get Award if you work excellently in the Acupressure field.


Many Acupressure Branches – Discussions, Exercise, Examples, Case Studies

1. History, Philosophy & Principles of Alternative Therapy & Acupressure Therapy.

2. Advance Foot Reflexology                   3. Hand ( Su Jok ) Pressure Therapy

4.  Spine ( Spinal Segments )                 5. Ear Reflexology ( Auricular ) & Face Point.

6.  Advance meridianlogy all Channel.                  7. Glands, Energy & Chakra System in Body.

8.  Disease Diagnose & Treatment by 5 Location (Foot, Hand, Ear & Face, Spine, and Body Acu Points).

9.  Uses of Various Acupressure Instruments ( Apparatus ).

10.  Law of Acupressure System.

11. Basic knowledge of food Therapy, Colour, Magnetic Therapy.



Regular, Distance, Correspondence

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