ACS Jal Neti Lota – Plastic



Jala Neti (saline nasal irrigation) is a cleansing practice of the nose passages with warm saline water.
 Yogis have practiced it for centuries for its innumerable and powerful benefits.


A special NETI POT (also known as Neti Lota) is used.

 • Nasal cleansing can be performed over a sink, a bowl on a table, in the shower or outside.
 First fill the Neti Pot with warm water of a temperature suitable for pouring in the nose. Neither too hot or cold. Just like testing a baby’s bottle, pour a bit on your arm or taste and spit to check the temperature. A little hotter than warm is better than colder. Pure water is best if available. Mix in salt to the proportion of one teaspoon for half a liter of water. This equates to 0.9% and is called isotonic solution – the same as human blood. Mix the salt thoroughly. Taste the water and spit, to be sure of the correct mix and temperature. It will not be as salty as sea water. Adjust if not correct.
 • Place the nose cone into the left nostril, sealing it inside the nostril with a few twists and slight pressure. Try to point the spout straight up in line with the nasal passage so as not to block off the tip of the nozzle on the inside of the nose. Open your mouth and breathe gently through the mouth. Try not to sniff, swallow, laugh, talk or have any movement of air through the nose whilst the water is flowing through.


Weight 100 g

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