Acs Acupuncture Cun Meter Plastic – With Chart



It is an instrument used to measure the chun (T-sun) so that acupuncture points

can be accurately located. It must be used for acupuncture anaesthesia.

Structure : It consists of 2 blades of metal attached to each other. It has four

sides. To use first we measure one T-sun distance from patient's inter-phalangeal crease of flexed middle finger with the side of chunometer, marked with 1 T-sun. Then other three sides will represent 0.5 T-sun, 1.5 T-sun and 2 T-sun respectively. Thus all thefour sides are ready for measurements of that particular patient. This method is preferable over the finger measurement as it gives more accuracy of points and so the better results.

Weight 100 g

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