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Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute

Course Code Category Name Course Name Correspondence Fees Regular Fees Action
D.A.T Courses Diploma in Acupressure Therapy (D.A.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
M.D.Acu Courses Master Diploma in Acupressure Therapy (M.D.Acu.) Rs.0 Rs.4,000 Apply Now
C.C.A. Courses Certificate Course in Acupressure (C.C.A.) Rs.0 Rs.1,500 Apply Now
S.Ad. Acu Courses Super Advance Course in Acupressure Therapy Rs.0 Rs.6,000 Apply Now
D.R.T Courses Diploma in Reflexology (D.R.T) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
M.D.A.M. Courses Master Diploma in Alternative Medicine (M.D.A.M.) Rs.0 Rs.6,000 Apply Now
M.D.Mag. Courses Master Diploma in Magnet Therapy (M.D.Mag.) Rs.0 Rs.4,000 Apply Now
D.Ma.T Courses Diploma in Massage Therapy (D.Ma.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.F.S. Courses Diploma in Feng-Shui (D.F.S.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.C.T. Courses Diploma in Colour Therapy (D.C.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.B.F. Courses Diploma in Bach Flower (D.B.F.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.Sou.T. Courses Diploma in Sound Therapy (D.Sou.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.P.K. Courses Diploma in Pancha Karma (D.P.K.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.Ar.T. Courses Diploma in Aroma Therapy (D.Ar.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.N.V. Courses Diploma in Nadi Vigyan (D.N.V.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.Sh.T Courses Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy (D.Sh.T) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.Cr.H. Courses Diploma in Crystal Healing (D.Cr.H. ) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.Nu. Courses Diploma in Numerology (D.Nu.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.A.Y Courses Diploma in Acu. Yoga (D.A.Y.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
D.Y.T. Courses Diploma in Yoga Therapy (D.Y.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
M.D.Yoga Courses Master Diploma in Yoga Therapy (M.D.Yoga) Rs.0 Rs.4,000 Apply Now
D.M.T. Courses Diploma in Magnetic Therapy (D.M.T.) Rs.0 Rs.2,500 Apply Now
ssdsd Courses Diploma In Diet & Nutrition (D.D.N.) Rs.0 Rs.6,000 Apply Now
D.Ac. Courses Diploma in Acupuncture (D.Ac.) Rs.0 Rs.4,000 Apply Now


Acupressure is a science of alleviating health problems and a process of prevention and cure of diseases. In acupressure the good health is gained and maintained by regulating the positives and the negatives of the flow of the vital energy (Chi or Pran) and the body fluids. The affected organ (s) is set right to act in a harmony with the other organs and the whole body. Acupressure also has a pain relieving or analgesic effects. Ultimately a homeostasis of body is achieved by the cure of the diseases and setting various organs and constituents of the body to act in synchronization to one another..

Acupressure is effective for the treatment of common ailments such as headaches, migraines, lower back pain, neck & shoulder tension, cramps, menstrual irregularities, insomnia, emotional stress, low energy and fatigue. In addition, Acupressure is effectively used prior to conception, throughout pregnancy, and during labour and post-partum stages as it promotes the mother's well being, emotional and mental balance, and relaxation. The art and the science of acupressure are useful for fast and long lasting cures to various ailments. Even in the cases of chronic ailments acupressure has produced fast, effective stable and cost effective cures.



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