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ACS Pyramid Navgrah Set - I  Square Plate

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ACS Pyramid Navgrah Set - I Square Plate

SKU / Item Code : 629

Size(L*W*H) : 20x20x4 (cms)

Weight : 280 gm

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ACS Pyramid Navgrah Set - I Square Plate


Pyramid Navgrah Set - I Square Plate

What is Nav-grah?

In Hindi Language Nav-grah means "Nine Plates," Trees Plants affect your life because your sensing control your mind and mood all the activities of body are all the activities of body are controlled by Mind and mood. If you do not have moods to do work than how can you do the work. What is the relative Grah (Plant) of any person is recognized by his zodiac sing?

Aries - An a Mars Pisces - Jupiter

A Libra - Venus Plants represent three colour: -

Taurus - Venus Jupiter - Yellow

Scorpios - Mars Sun - Bram

Geminis - Mercury Venus - Gray

A Sagittarius - Jupiter Mercury - Green

Cancer - Moon Mars - Red

Capricornus - Saturn Moon - White

Leos - Sun Saturn-Blue

An Aquarius - Saturn Rahu-Black

Virgo - Mercury Ketu- Transparent

What is Pyramid?

In Greek Language Pyra means fire and Mid means centre. So the word Pyramid means a Fire poet in the centre. The life is being always described as energy. The word Pyramid's common meaning is fire branch, means Poetical of invisible energy power which can keep you clean from out side as well as inside. There is always blow of energy in circular form over the five apex of pyramid, Huge pyramid and his copies encore and produce the energy of electromagnetic spectrum, Bio-Cosmic energy and many other form of energy in their Lolo area.

Use and Profit: -

Nav-grah pyramid yantra can be kept or long in home, shops, offices and holy place zodiac (all zodiac) and all plants. It is very useful for Grah-Shanti. It is a very simple solution of Vastu-deffect. It protects our home from negative effect.

It protects from  sha chi of any sharp corner of objects; Door; Staircase; Beam. Harmful energy produced from other elements; which affect you by the poison arrows. This bagua is used only inside the house. It gives security from sha chi in the house. It also attracts the positive energy in the house.

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Weight 280.0000

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